How would you describe your style?

Fluid. Organic. Emotive. Timeless.

We approach a wedding day as documentarians and historians. We focus on you, what is happening around you, roaming the wedding landscape, visually chronicling all that would otherwise go unnoticed. Finding the moments as they unfold. The visual legacy of your wedding day.

What inspires you?

Where to begin?? Love, love, love. We are obsessed with it. Love stories - where they began and where they lead to. We are all here because of some sort of love story.

Focusing on the legacy. Everything about this is just cool. These photographs will be part of your lives forever. This is not only for you as a couple but for all the people you love and will love. 

When I was a little girl my favorite thing in the world was to look through my grandparents photographs. Those photographs of them young and dating, so obviously in love. The posed bridal portraits, the wedding photographs. The timelessness of these images. I am here because of this union, these photographs are the history, our personal family history. I am part of my grandparents and their parents and my parents - all because two people fell in love. 

To deliver to you these gorgeous wedding photographs that will evoke emotion and excitement is our promise. 


Our couples are looking for heartfelt moments as well as incredibly beautiful photographs. What makes us a great fit is sharing an aesthetic for what the end result will be. There will be tears, laughter and beauty all rolled into one.  We combine lifestyle, details and real moments as part of the complete story, a little less scripted, more photo journalistic style.

Do you need a shot list?

It is helpful to have a list of family groupings that are important to you. We tend to work efficiently when it is time for the formal/bridal party photographs and definitely do not want anyone forgotten. Being organized and having fun is key! It is helpful to know who is most important to you so that a very meaningful photo is not overlooked because we were unaware or not expecting the photograph to take place. Letting us know of special relationships and situations is extremely helpful as well. (Mom and Dad prefer not to speak to each other let alone appear in a photograph together or maybe you and your 9 cousins like to have a photograph taken together at every wedding, whatever the situation or request, we do our best to accommodate). 

Please keep in mind that no particular shot can be guaranteed. We make every effort to photograph everything you have ever dreamed of, but there are so many variables outside the control of the photographer such as weather, the inability to gather certain guests, the unwillingness of certain people to be photographed, the tardiness of the wedding party, restrictions of the venue, etc.

do we really need two photographers?

We very happily work as a pair - and for good reason. We always include both of us - two photographers are an invaluable option for your wedding day coverage. Most importantly because one photographer can not be in two places at once. Having the two of us working together allows us to get multiple angles on a very important wedding day moment as well as afford us the right amount of time to focus on the two of you, the details and all the people that matter the most to you.

I see more photographers are shooting film these days, what makes you different?

We have been using film since our business opened back in 1993.

there are less expensive photography teams out there - why should we hire you?

Yes, there is no shortage of husband and wife wedding photographers but don't underestimate the importance of experience, knowledge + being prepared. When you are hiring a wedding photographer, please review a full wedding not just their well curated highlights on Instagram. Make sure their reception coverage in low light is just as good as their posed couples photos in the perfect light of the day. A full wedding day should speak to you - you need to be in love with the style and see enough work that you feel confident that you will be delivered an outstanding product that matches your expectations.

We have more than 20+ years experience photographing weddings which means we have seen almost every possible problem or situation arise on a wedding day. Paying a little bit more for a wedding photographer and getting the images you want is much better than paying less and not loving your photos. We have so many anecdotes that we can share from friends and family members...just remember, there are no do overs.

What's in your camera bag?

You might see anything from a manual focus rangefinder (Leica + Zeiss), medium format (Pentax), SLR - film and digital (Canon), mirrorless digital (Sony + Fuji), large format 4x5 or 8x10 - at any given moment. We use the camera that reacts to the way we see. Every tool has a purpose.

For Super 8 films, we use original Canon film movie cameras from the 1970's. Wait till you hear that sound!

Can you copy the photos on my pinterest board?

Photography is a subjective art form. While every wedding is unique and is approached independently, the way we interpret a photograph may be different than the way a client may have viewed the same scene. The photographs on our website and blog and any sample albums or galleries we share are a very good representation of what you will be receiving for your wedding photographs.  We will not deliver posed perfection or copy specific shots but will interpret your ideas and wishes in our own style. Together we will retell your complete wedding story.

How do we book you?

Just email or give us a call! We require 30% retainer to secure any open date we have available.

What will I receive after my wedding?

Within a few days to a week of your wedding we will reveal a sneak peek for you to view. About 3 weeks later we are so excited for the big reveal: a custom slideshow + a beautiful proof gallery for you to view. Followed by a proof book, an album pre design and the hi-res images on a USB drive. And invariably Melissa will cry putting it all together. Hopefully you will as well!

How many images will we receive?

Since each wedding is unique, the number varies - but an average is between 600-900 edited images for a full wedding day.

What does "edited images" mean?

We cull and we edit - no one needs 3 shots of the exact same scene. Part of what you hire us for is our editing. Your final proofs will be what we deliver after the edit, the finished images. 

Do you travel?

We love to travel! Passports are always current.