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Keith & Melissa are husband and wife wedding & portrait photographers located in Phoenix. Known for our candid, documentary photo journalistic style approach to capturing a wedding story.

hiking with the family dog | pet portrait photography scottsdale

There's nothing we love more than when the phone rings (or the email bings) and it is a family wanting a portrait session with their dog (or other four legged friends). I love this pit bull, a striking subject and a dedicated family member.

This family has the desert as their back yard - such amazing scenery!

When a client contacts us for a dog portrait - we usually get asked the question: "Where should the session take place?" Our answer is: "Wherever your dog (or pet) is most comfortable". It is really important to decide on a setting that suits your dog's personality. If your dog is a couch potato, then an indoor session at home is in order. A dog that has a lot of energy will feel carefree being outside, whether it be their favorite park, your back yard or a desert trail.

Dogs don't usually stay put for too long, we are always prepared for a great action shot or a portrait that displays your dog's expression and personality. Figure out a dog's tendencies and take advantage! A great shot is sure to follow.

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