Photo Tips

From time to time, Keith gives talks on "How to take better pictures of your kids with the camera you already own!"  This past week, Keith gave a mini seminar at the Paradise Valley Mom's Club -  it was an intimate group that seemed to have appreciated the information.  If you are interested in having Keith speak to your group on this subject...please feel free to contact us!  Take a look at the tips that follow, we guarantee that just about anyone can use one of these pointers to immediately take better pictures, here we go!

Objective:  To teach parents how to use the camera they already own to take better photos of their children!

  • Get Close - when you feel close enough, get a little closer
  • Background - look around for a simple background. It may be just a step to the left or right - but you can avoid that parked car or ugly mop that's right behind your child (unless you want it there!)
  • Angle - it is better to get down to your child's height.  Their point of view is rarely taken.  You will see them as other children see them - eye contact is great, but not neccesary
  • Light - find a good natural light source - open doorway, near garage door that is open, next to a window, out on the patio
  • Get the Shot - a bad shot is better than not getting the shot!
  • Composition - the subject does not have to be dead center, use the rule of thirds, layering for depth
  • Shoot a lot! - edit later!  take lots of pictures!
Feel free to send us before and afters...another idea for a competition!