Graphis Latest Winners | Poster Annual 2012 | Campbell Fisher Design | portrait photographers phoenix

Ok, I know this is supposed to be our wedding blog BUT when Keith gets an award, I find it blogworthy. I mean really, where else can I share?

Campbell Fisher Design - the super talented Phoenix design team behind the advertising campaigns for the Phoenix Suns recently shared the exciting news: their poster design (using Keith's images of Grant Hill, Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire) was one of Graphis Latest Winners - the Poster Annual 2012.

You can tell I'm the wife because I get excited about this kind of stuff. I love going to Toy Story on Ice and seeing Keith's images of Suns players hanging HUGE above the ticket windows at the US Airways Arena, or the larger than life size images line the outside of the Arena as you walk in from the garage or attending a Suns game and letting our kids know that "Daddy took those pictures!"

I think it's exciting! Anyway, I couldn't help but share!