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Boonville, USA

Hi All, Today I will post another artist spotlight. The artist is Timothy Briner and I am lucky enough to know him. Some of you may remember a past post that had a photo of him that I took while he was passing through Phoenix. It was a shot of him in his car ( his home for long stretches and reposted below ). He was travelling the country to tell a story of America as told in towns named Boonville. It was an ambitious project and he pulled it off. He has already exhibited the work and is considering a book. I can't wait to buy an early edition. If you click on the photo below it will take you to an interview with Tim that was done by "Pause, to Begin", a very cool art photography site. After you click then click again on multimedia to see the interview. Please enjoy. If you like what you see then consider buying the book when it is released. As always, comments are encouraged.



Timothy Briner interview
Timothy Briner interview

Timothy Briner in his car