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Amazing Children

Hi All, If you read this blog a few posts back you may remember that I got the opportunity to photograph some amazing children and their families for the "Flashes of Hope" organization. I am today better for having the opportunity to work for these families and to get to know their children for however brief a time we had together that day. The strength and energy of children is to be admired and envied. The trials these children face would bring many an adult to their knees and yet there was no give in them. Love and hope are what make life enjoyable and there is no one that loves or hopes more than a child.  These children are no exception. 

Following are a few shots of the children I got to know that day. I would like to thank Lisa Obrien from Flashes of Hope for the opportunity. For the outstanding makeup and for just being a great and charitable person I would like to acknowledge Linda Wagner. Finally, I would like to thank Ivan Martinez for helping me with the shoot that day. Ivan is a long established photographer himself and just wanted to be able to lend a hand for such a worthy cause. Thank you all for sharing a wonderful experience.