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“A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the point of Life.” - Thomas Jefferson 

We had just climbed the Eiffel Tower with the kids this past July when we were walking to the Metro heading back to our apartment. The kids decided they wanted to stop and draw a picture of the Eiffel Tower. Right as we were taking a seat on the steps at Trocadero, we noticed a flash mob of ballroom dancers. A radio and a couple dozen dancers started moving around so gracefully. This couple in particular caught my eye - and apparently Keith's since he snapped this photo of the same pair. They were so into one another, anticipating each others moves, totally in sync - just so beautifully in love.

How appropriate that impromptu dancing like this should erupt in the city of love. Oh how I love Paris.

{PS - Notice the Eiffel Tower's reflection in the windows}

paris honeymoon photography | wedding photographer

Melissa & Charles were married in June. They wanted to continue the carnival/carousel theme of their wedding for their newlywed photos in Paris. We loved the idea.

Their session began at the carousel near Trocadero - with the Eiffel Tower as their backdrop. Melissa was wearing a gorgeous Givenchy gown  - she was stunning! A few other stops in that area included Pont Bir Hakeim (the bridge from Inception) and a walk along the Seine. The session continued with a short Metro ride to the Tuileries Garden near the Louvre. Every Summer, there is La Fete Foraine du Jardin del Tuileries that takes over a section of the gardens ending near the Louvre. The carnival is famous for the huge ferris wheel that dominates the Paris skyline. From the carnival, a quick walk to the courtyard of the 17th century Palais Royal and the black and white marble pillars by French artist Daniel Buren.

A gorgeous summer evening coupled with great light and an in love couple makes for a perfect Paris photo session.

honeymoon in paris | paris engagement photographer


While we certainly enjoy living in the Phoenix area and having the ability to travel to all sorts of fun places to photograph weddings -  it is hard not to be jealous of being a wedding photographer in Paris. It may be a cliche but Paris is the city of love and what better place to photograph a beautiful couple on their honeymoon than Paris?

Paris is very special to Lindsay + Robert. Paris is where Robert proposed. What better place to spend their honeymoon? Here is the proposal in Robert's own words:

"The culmination of ring hiding and nervous secrecy came to fruition in the early hours of January 1, 2012. Along the banks of the Seine, overlooking the Eiffel Tower, I proposed to Lindsay, and to my great joy, she said yes. As I grasped for the ring in my jacket pocket, only hours after we brought in the new year, I had the feeling that I can only describe as the one you feel just before you get on a roller coaster: I knew that there was no turning back. I've known for a long time that Lindsay was the one for me, but to go through the process of actually proposing was as nerve racking as anything I've every done. When she said yes, all the shaky emotions of anxiety and worry were replaced by feelings of harmony, well being and especially love. I am so happy to be able to say that Lindsay will be my wife and that we will forever be connected for the rest of our lives."

I can't stand how romantic this is! A beautiful young couple head over heels in love in the most beautiful city in the world. Life doesn't get much better than this!



A few blogs francais de mariage and some beautiful robes du mariage | destination wedding photographer

{The above wedding dresses are just a sample of the beauty that adorned many racks of robes du mariage in Paris. Oh if I were to do it all over again - I'm not sure what I would choose, but I know I would begin with Delphine Manivet or Meryl Suissa - stunning!}

We have been back from Paris for a little over  a week. We are starting to edit images and begin posting a few love stories that made us look at Paris in an even more romantic way. It was nice to see Paris through the eyes of these special couples. But being in Paris and being around couples in love and being wedding photographers made me look at all things related to weddings in France just a little bit closer.

I think I day dreamed about several wedding scenarios if I were to be remarried in Paris. The beautiful venues,  the amazing food, the seductive scenery - who wouldn't want a wedding in Paris? Whether it be the wedding section at Galeries Lafayette or the gorgeous wedding dress designs by Johanne Riss, Paris is full of wedding inspiration. And when my daydreaming turned into research, what better place to turn then the French Wedding Blogs?

I have to say that France has nowhere near the volume of wedding blogs that we have here in the US. That being said, there were definitely a few wedding blogs that were beautiful - and I thought I would share a few below:

Trendy Wedding Blog

Un Beau Jour Wedding Blog

Le Blog de Madame C


Le Oui Blog

Wed & the City


a walk around the marais | street photography paris

A short walk around The Marais in Paris and there is no shortage of street scenes to photograph. We were walking from our apartment to MUSÉE CARNAVALET - a museum of the history of Paris located just off of Rue des Francs Bourgeois (a great shopping street in the Marais) in Paris' 3rd Arrondissement. Right before we arrived at the museum we saw this little park sandwiched in between a few buildings.

The best thing in the world about taking walks around Paris is finding these little gems. Square Georges Cain is filled with colorful long stem roses (being hand pruned by a gardner), park benches full of Parisians taking a respite from the busy city around them, a gorgeous bronze sculpture, a fountain, stone relics, trees - the perfect little spot to stop along the way.

I just love The Marais. Crooked streets, lavish squares, old world charm meets great little boutiques and cafes, pre revolutionary buildings bustling with an artistic vibe. Spending time walking around these streets gives you a feel for Paris before Haussmann, before wide avenues and the large squares that Paris is now known for.

An historic area within an historic city. From the beauty of Place des Vosges to the vibrant art scene, a coup d'oeil for the senses. And lots of great photographs along the way.

{Square Geroges Cain, Rue Payenne, 3rd Arrondissement (Metro stop: St Paul)}

in love in paris | destination wedding photographer

We are so looking forward to sharing this full session with this wonderful couple. So enthusiastically in love. Adore that they chose a carnival/circus theme for their love story and for their wedding. A carnival is all about revelry and whimsy. Paris is all about beautiful scenery.

The session was a perfect mix of a romantic in love couple juxtaposed against differing carnival scenes set amongst some of Paris' greatest backdrops. A beautiful couple carousing their way through Paris.

So excited to share!

out for a stroll | the best ice cream in paris

We have taken many a stroll since coming to Paris nearly 4 weeks ago. Our evening walks can easily involve a stop for ice cream. Since we have now tried our fair share of ice cream/glaces/gelato/sorbet across Paris, it i time for us to share with you another of our favorites: Amorino.

Amorino is a small chain of gelato shops around Paris that offer really tasty flavors. July's flavor of the month is: Pompelmo Rosa (Pink Grapefruit). They use organic eggs, no coloring or artificial flavors. Their flavors are rich and colorful and are presented like a little flower. Something unique: they offer a kids size (similar to their small for 2 Euro - a bargain! the kids can choose up to 2 flavors) The adult cones (3 sizes up to 3 flavors) are perfectly placed on the cone to form a beautiful flower. The colors just pop - the presentation, while time consuming to create, is beautiful.

So far, Amorino is the most unique for presentation and the flavors were delicious.

These lovely photographs are courtesy of the Studio of Bradford Jones. Thanks Brad for coming along for one of our evening walks and documenting it for us! Greatly appreciated.