A whole story in one photograph | a Bride and her Mother

{This photo says so much and could not define our style and approach to wedding photography any better.}

A wedding day emotional moment between a bride and her mom

A wedding day emotional moment between a bride and her mom

We have couples tell us that they weren’t sure what search term to use to find the photography that they were looking for. Was it documentary, editorial, real, candid, emotional? What are the right words to figure out what style of wedding photography is right for you?

Well we have soul searched over the years to try and figure out exactly what describes our style and we honestly think our approach is empathetic in nature but photo journalistic, documentary and candid in style. And quite honestly I think the photographs do a better job of explaining our style then our words can.

This photograph pops into my mind when I think of our style and approach. The photo above will be 15 years old in August yet to me it has a strength that never grows old. This photo helps me understand what I mean when I describe our style as empathetic.

Our approach is wide open on a wedding day. We are there to observe, understand and anticipate. Through experience we know that there is a checklist of what to do on a wedding day from bridal party formals, family photos, the details, the scene setting photos, couples photos, cake cutting, first dances, the beginning middle and end of a wedding day.

But what are those moments that we can’t take for granted? This is at the heart of why we continue to love being wedding photographers. It is the micro scenes on a wedding day within the macro that we look for. A real connection, a moment, an interaction. Something that means something to you and will forever mean something to you know matter how many years pass.

The bride’s dad had recently died, she and her mother were having a moment before the ceremony, a moment to reflect on what was in their hearts yet heartbreakingly missing from this day, the rose in the mom’s arms represented her dad and as the mom prepared to walk her down the aisle, this moment happened. I’m brought to tears now thinking of the importance this moment was for her and her mother.

To me it is a whole story in one beautiful photograph. Love. Love. Love.

That’s all I see when I look at this photo all these years later. I can envision myself in this position and how overcome with emotion I would be. How I would give anything in the world to have Keith with me, by my side as our daughter entered this next chapter in her life on her wedding day. From the daughter’s perspective I can imagine how her whole life she wanted her dad with her on this day, how much she misses him and how much she knows her mom misses him. It is a bittersweet moment. This is a private moment but one of those interactions that has so much emotion, such impact that being an observer allows us to capture.

This is an example of one of those handful of photographs from your wedding day that will remain in your heart forever.

location:: Westchester, New York

Happy Birthday | Personal Family Photos

{I know my heart explodes when I think of how much I love this kid. And I know Keith feels exactly the same way! I treasure these family travel photos. I just love watching these kids grow right in front of the camera. I can’t think of a greater gift than photos of the people I love!}

Gabby blue door.jpg

Our youngest turns 12 today. I look at this picture from this past summer and just can't believe how this kid has grown. She confounds us with her absolute adoration of all little things with four legs, her intellect and curiosity, her tenacity and her passion. She is strong willed and opinionated, will test your patience like no one can but she has the biggest heart of anyone I know, she loves with her whole heart, she lives life with gusto and she is such an incredible (not so little anymore) girl. Keith and I are so lucky. Happy Birthday Gabby!

photographer: Keith

location: Koufonisia, Greece

Photo Wall | Family Portraits, Travel Photos + Childhood Art

There are so many ways to display family photos. There are homes that you walk into and photographs line the walls, fill every available display space they can. Then there are other homes that display none. Even though I know they love their family and we have photographed them a bunch but they haven’t taken the time to print their photos.

Sadly, I fall into the later category. We have so many incredible photos of our children taken over the years, a ton of family adventures as well as the day to day captured forever. A snapshot of childhood. A look into who we are as a family.

I have wanted a photo wall forever. It has been on my list of things to do for a very long time. Quite honestly I really want one larger than this but I had to start somewhere. My thought process was to have a mix of frames, materials, etc and to incorporate a few of my favorite photos, some travel, each of the kids, a family photo and some items that have special meaning.

Fortunately, I had on hand a canvas of each of the kids (from ages ago), lots of empty frames (that needed to be filled), an already framed art project of Gabby’s from I think 1st grade (the Picasso like photo), an original map of Rhode Island (when we owned a beach house in RI our bathroom I had a bunch of framed maps from this tiny little state where I was born). The top right photo is one of Keith’s earliest portraits, it has been in a frame since I met him and I absolutely love it - in fact this is the anchor of the wall.

Basically I had a lot of stuff laying around that needed a home. That portrait of Gabby with the mask, one of my all time favorites! The summer photo of the girls jumping through a sprinkler was taken at Keith’s grandmother’s house - the perfect childhood photo, already framed. Maybe the one and only time we have used a metallic print, but it actually works. To fill the empty frames I just had to think back to some of our family travel and really decide on my favorite photos. I knew from the time we spent in Paris (when the kids were about 6 and 9) that I absolutely loved the photo that Keith took from our kitchen window overlooking the rooftops, a trip to Sicily, my favorite photo from a beach in Cefalu and this past summer I adored this photo Keith took in Lisbon on an escalator in the subway - I just love the composition and love it even more because it’s me and the girls!

Keith may not be in any of the photos but he is responsible for the beauty of almost all of them. What I love most about this wall is that everything has meaning, a story behind it, a glimpse into our life together as a family. And that makes me smile!

The Photo Wall - something that I have wanted in my home for a really long time.

san francisco engagement session | phoenix destination wedding photographer

Every man should be allowed to love two cities, his own and San Francisco. Gene Fowler

We just love San Francsico. I'm from Boston and Keith is from New York City - so there is some pretty tough competition. San Francisco seems to embody the quaintness of Boston with the big city feel of New York all at the same time.

We were so excited when the above couple chose Keith to photograph their wedding this coming November. Rhonda Rush of Impact Events is the wedding planner for their big day. She just knew we would be a perfect fit for one another - and she couldn't have been more right! We all met for the first time at The Arizona Biltmore a few months back. We decided then that engagement session in San Francisco, their hometown, would be a lot of fun.

The bride is a native Arizonan and the groom is a native San Franciscan, by way of Ireland. The city means a lot to their family. The house that they currently live in was the groom's family home growing up. The home, the family and the neighborhood was what this session was all about.

They decided that the perfect starting point for the engagement/family session was Twin Peaks, very close to their home. What a spot. 360 degree sweeping views of the city and San Francisco Bay. The perfect day. So beautiful. (I know, I'm like a love sick school girl, I just adore San Francisco!)

From Twin Peaks - the session headed back to the home and neighborhood. Their adorable little boy is just such a little cutie, a beautiful family. A really enjoyable family session full of love, laughter and happiness. Makes me smile.

There is nothing better from our point of view then having a small glimpse into a couple's life together. We are really looking forward to being part of their special day in November.

{Oh and I really get that expression about leaving your heart in San Francisco. I leave a little part of mine every time I visit!}


Gabriella's 5th birthday | scottsdale newborn portrait photographer

Gabby turns 5 today! My baby is really not a baby anymore....

I look at this picture and a flood of emotions overcome me. I could cry. I remember that day (2.1.07) like it was yesterday. The delivery was quick. The doctor handed me my little girl just after this image was captured. She was so warm, so wet, so beautiful. This photo takes me right back to that special moment. I have a lump in my throat.

When I look back at all the photographs Keith has taken of our children - I can easily say that my favorites are of their births. I have documentaries of both our girl's births that are so beautiful, so thoughtful, so unbelievably special.

I am so fortunate to have such a fabulous husband, my girls have the best dad in the whole world and we all benefit because he also happens to be an amazing photographer.

Thank you Keith. I love you.

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