Where to have your Couples Photo Shoot

{I’m forewarning you - I am a big proponent of pre wedding, post wedding or any time a couple thinks they should, photo shoots. An engagement, couples, anniversary shoot (whatever your reason for having a session for just the two of you) should be about what makes you happy together.}

You have decided that you are going to have an engagement session before your wedding - but where?

What do you envision for the end result?

What do you want these photos to represent?

I’m going out on a limb and assuming that all couples agree that they would like beautiful photographs. But what else? How can we have beautiful photographs and incorporate a little bit of what you love, a little personality or at least something personal.

Beautiful means different things to different people - maybe your idea is:

::the desert in the perfect afternoon light

::an evening at your favorite lounge, leaning over the bar, engaged in conversation drinking wine

::the comforting feeling of sitting in a book store with each other

::strolling the streets of Manhattan, picking out your Christmas tree together, walking through Central Park or standing in the middle of Midtown traffic

::the family home at Lake Arrowhead because you met there water skiing as teens

::sitting at a cafe in Paris, walking through the Tuileries on a summer evening, jumping on a carousel like kids

::hiking Camelback then changing into a glamorous gown for the next location

::debating the finer points of baseball at a Cubs spring training game

::starting in your first home together that is currently being built and then riding your bikes through the old part of town where you live, because it has so much meaning to the two of you

::walking hand in hand on a beach in Malibu at sunset

::hiking Sedona and reaching an epic landscape

::freezing at the Grand Canyon for that perfect photo

These are some of the fun couples shoots we have had over the years. Every single couple brings their own twist to what a shoot should be - and we love it.

My oh so subtle takeaway is that the most important thing in the whole wide world is to take these photos. They could be in your living room snuggling on your couch, sitting on the front porch with your dog or spending time where you proposed. Whatever the location, wherever, just do it because you will be so happy to have these photos.

The couple above lives in Iowa, is having their destination wedding in Tucson this spring - and then moving to Philadelphia. So the Tucson and its surroundings mean something to them. Their wedding will be downtown in the historic district. So these photos needed to be different than their wedding day photos, different than where his family lives and different than where her family is - but this place means something for them together. And that’s what it’s all about!

location:: Saguaro National Park, Tucson, Arizona

Happy Birthday | Personal Family Photos

{I know my heart explodes when I think of how much I love this kid. And I know Keith feels exactly the same way! I treasure these family travel photos. I just love watching these kids grow right in front of the camera. I can’t think of a greater gift than photos of the people I love!}

Gabby blue door.jpg

Our youngest turns 12 today. I look at this picture from this past summer and just can't believe how this kid has grown. She confounds us with her absolute adoration of all little things with four legs, her intellect and curiosity, her tenacity and her passion. She is strong willed and opinionated, will test your patience like no one can but she has the biggest heart of anyone I know, she loves with her whole heart, she lives life with gusto and she is such an incredible (not so little anymore) girl. Keith and I are so lucky. Happy Birthday Gabby!

photographer: Keith

location: Koufonisia, Greece