Blog Schedule... for the boring details!  Here is the schedule we are going to try our best to adhere to: Monthly:  

  • we will have a monthly newsletter available on the 1st business day of each month
  • within the newsletter we will periodically offer specials - only available to newsletter subscribers
  • we will choose a comment or question to receive a $75 gift certificate for any Keith offers - the comment or question must be a comment or question (one word posts will not be counted) - we will notify you by email and include it in a blog post.


  • Monday:  Children - we will feature a post related to children or children's photography
  • Tuesday:  New Video - each Tuesday we will launch at least one new video with relevant content
  • Wednesday:  Wedding - we will feature a post related to weddings or wedding photography
  • Thursday:  Photo Tip 
  • Friday:  Photographs - we will feature photography, usually ours.
  • The Weekend:  Tidbits 

As always, we look forward to any and all suggestions and comments. Comment and win!